About Us

Asaasiam Vision International (AVI) is a national non-governmental organization founded in 2012 in Ghana. We are committed to promoting literacy among children, youth, and persons living with disabilities.  We endeavor to enhance the lives of vulnerable women through economic empowerment programs and projects. We also extend our support to impoverished youth and persons living with disabilities who cannot attend school through our vocational and technical skills training program. Since its establishment, we have supported over 2500  impoverished children, youth, and disable persons. Also, over 300 vulnerable women and 15 deprived communities in Ghana have received support from us. Additionally, over 2500 students receive continuous support such as books, school bags, and uniforms, bicycles, laptops, tablets, financial support, etc. from us. Our residential education program is currently taking full responsibility for the education and shelter of seven (7) youth. One of our residential program youth is in his final year at the tertiary school. 



To alleviate illiteracy among impoverished and disable children and youth, and poverty among vulnerable women who live in deprived communities.



To make the world a better place for all through illiteracy and poverty alleviation.



To alleviate illiteracy among impoverished and disabled youth, and poverty among vulnerable women through the implementation of innovative, efficient, cost-effective,  local content and technology-based, and environmentally-friendly projects and programs. 



  • Provide education and learning materials and financial support for impoverished and disabled children and youth who live in deprived communities.
  • Provide access to education through school enrollment construction of schools in deprived communities.
  • Provide vocational and technical skills training for impoverished and disabled youth.
  • Promote access to information and communications technology (ICT) among deprived community students through the provision of computers, construction of ICT centers, and training on ICT.
  • Empower vulnerable women through income-generating skills training and support.
  • Implement effective intervention projects and programs.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the solution to every problem is in the problem itself, therefore, we are the solution to our societal problems.


Asaasiam meaning

img1-min.pngAsaasiam Vision International was named after the late Asare Joseph, Maame Georgina Kissiwah, and Opanin Asiamah for their great contributions in transforming the lives of many impoverished and disabled children, youth, and vulnerable women living in deprived communities in Ghana.