Dr. Joseph Asare


Asare is the founder of Asaasiam Vision International. He is passionate about youth and women empowerment, education and vocational training, health and environment and community development. As the founder, Asare bring on board immeasurable multi-sectoral knowledge and perspectives to Asaasiam. He is also responsible for the coordination of all our projects and programs . Asare also works collaboratively with community leaders, our partners and donors to help address youth, women and deprived communities challenges. Asare has received several awards including CERTIFICATE OF CONGRATULATION from the US Department of State for demonstrating outstanding leadership on women and gender issues. And an ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD from the University of Economics and Law ‘KROK’.

Donal Didier


Don is an active Partner and a Special Director of Asaasiam Vision International (AVI). He is from Portland, Oregon, USA. Don is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a 36 year working experience as a therapist for youth, families. and individuals with Drug and Alcohol issues, those involved in abuse and trauma, and youth who have committed sex offenses. He was also the Director of Youth Progress Association for 27 years in Portland, a residential treatment program for boys and girls involved in Juvenile Justice or who have special needs. He is also a member of the National Ethics Committee of the National Association of Social Workers in USA and a founding member of State of Oregon Sex Offender Treatment Board. Don also founded an Alternative School for disadvantaged youth early in his career. Above all, Don provides strategic advice and resources to support the work of AVI

Alodie Didier


Alodie is a special adviser and a board member of Asaasiam Vision International. She is from Portland, Oregon, USA. Alodie is a retired professional teacher with over 30 years experience in teaching, school curriculum development and classroom setting that enhance teachers and students academic work. Alodie also provides strategic advice and mobilizes resources to help execute our projects and programs.